Renovations and Total Home Renovations

Home renovationEver feel like you just need to, "Gut the whole thing out and start over?" As drastic as that might be, sometimes it is the best method. It certainly offers a great method of starting with a clean palette, without the expense of a complete rebuild. Breyer Construction can help you decide, plan, and implement any level of renovation. We can help provide a modest alteration or a total home renovation.

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Home additionMoving is just not fun, is it? And with the home market the way it is, you only benefit if you're a first time home buyer. Adding on is the ideal solution. You get more space, it can be customized to your needs instead of trying to find the "perfect" home for sale, and it can be done with minimal interruption to your life.

Not only can you make your home more enjoyable while you have the designs customized to your needs, you get more space and avoid the hassles of moving. If you do decide to sell later when the market improves, your home has a lot more value. And of course you want your addition built to high standards so that value doesn't diminish.

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Home Remodeling

Kitchen remodelIf you're planning or considering a home remodel, you probably realize by now that choosing a remodeler is tough. If you've been to very many web sites, they pretty much all talk about their quality, commitment to your satisfaction, yada...yada...yada. If you want to do business with a qualified remodeler, the costs are not going to vary all that much, so only the less than reputable are going to bait you with price.

How do you choose a remodeler? Well, you want to be sure they don't send some high pressure salesperson, and we promise not to do that. Since you probably don't have an unlimited budget, you'll need someone willing to explain the differences in materials so you can make informed decisions based on your priorities. Obviously, you want someone with a proven track record.

Since we are not the only remodeler, or even the only good one for that matter, you will need to be assured that we are the right choice. Contact us or ask questions so we can begin the process of earning your trust. Once you have all the right information, you will be able to make your decision with confidence.

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