A Short Little History Tour

Breyer Construction & Landscape truck and equipment trailer

Breyer Construction & Landscape began several years ago as two separate companies. Matt Breyer started Breyer Construction as a sole proprietor in November of 2001. Earlier that same year, John Breyer and Nate Breyer launched Breyer Landscaping, another sole proprietor company.

At the beginning, Breyer Construction focused on general carpentry and masonry projects, while Breyer Landscaping handled basic residential landscaping and mowing.

Over the next few years, both companies grew significantly, introducing some unique opportunities and obstacles. Breyer Construction has moved from general carpentry tasks to a stronger focus on custom deck design and construction. This shift required more equipment and personnel, and was one of the key reasons to bring these two companies together.

Breyer Landscaping was undergoing its own adjustments. Nate and John had developed a strong reputation and a loyal client base focused on small residential landscape projects and mowing. In 2003, Nate decided to pull back from full-time landscaping and attend college. Nate sold his share of the company to John.

Over the years, the two companies had worked together on several projects. With Nate's departure, Matt and John began talks of merging. In the Spring of 2004, Breyer Construction & Landscape, LLC. was formed, with several advantages to both former company's clients. This brought a higher level of service and excellence through an improved business structure, better employee availability, and better equipment.

Here at Breyer Construction & Landscape, we are still growing and adapting to better serve our clients. If you would like to be part of our client family, please let us know if there is a project or service you are considering. We would be happy to discuss it with you!