Berks County Extreme Home Makeover For Charity

Enthusiasm in Berks County soared in early 2010 as the rally for a charity Extreme Home Makeover allowed the community to learn more and get involved. Breyer Construction & Landscape welcomed this opportunity along with several other citizens and businesses.

Later, the Extreme Home Makeover winner was chosen and the project completed on August 4, 2010. This is an extremely sad story with a happy ending. A husband had just graduated with his PhD and was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after. His wife was pregnant at this time as well. After extensive surgeries, medical bills were into the hundreds of thousands for them. On the day of his child's birth, the husband went out to feed the animals, collapsed, and died from a heart attack. The new family has struggled to survive ever since.

Breyer Construction, along with other donors, the Extreme Makeover crew, and an impressive work crew of community volunteers put up a new deck in only 18 hours. The show scheduled to air during the 2010-2011 season. Be sure to check out the slideshow pictures of this project. Berks County can be proud!

Below are a few pictures of the new deck and landscape on this project:

Extreme Home Makeover deck and landscape project Extreme Home Makeover deck and landscape project Extreme Home Makeover deck and landscape project Extreme Home Makeover deck and landscape project Extreme Home Makeover deck and landscape project

New Deck Give-Away

Each summer, Breyer Construction & Landscape teams up with Y-102 FM to give away a free deck to a local family in need. The goal is to encourage them by improving their lives with a deck they could not otherwise afford.

Our 2012 deck winner had an aging wood deck and complete exposure to direct sunlight with no natural shade. By adding a stained wood pergola with retractable shades over the new Azek deck with vinyl railing, this family can now enjoy protection from the hot sun on their new deck. The new patio provides additional outdoor living space and the option of more direct sunlight when desired.

Below are the before and a few after photos of the 2012 deck winner:

BEFORE new deck was built New deck and patio after completion Detail view of new deck with pergola Detail view of new deck with pergola Detail view of new deck under pergola

The 2011 deck winner lives in an urban duplex and can now enjoy the view of the woods because of the new deck. For the 2011 project, we were joined by Evergrain composite decking and Tam-Rail, both generously supplied by Wolf.

Below are the before and a few after photos of the 2011 Y102 deck project:

BEFORE new deck was built AFTER with new deck on both levels New deck with view of new storage room created Photo taken during the project showing pavement added for aesthetics and saftety Photo showing detail of new deck and view of woods

As you can see from the before pictures of this 2010 deck winner, this once beautiful wood deck has suffered the ravages of age common to wood: cracking, splintering, drying, etc. The after pictures show the more open feel of the replacement featuring composite hand railing that does not pose a threat of slivers.

Below are before and after photos of the 2010 Y102 deck project:

BEFORE image of wood deck to be rebuilt 2010 deck contest winner BEFORE image AFTER image of new deck and pergola AFTER the 2010 deck winner's new deck was built

Below is the deck for our 2009 contest winner's deck, showing both the elevation view and the deck itself.

2009 deck winner - elevation view of deck 2009 deck contest winner's deck

For our 2007 I-105 FM deck give-away, it turned out that the winner already had a deck, and didn't want to part with it (below left). So, we built a second level, and replaced all of the railing on the main deck with MoistureShield railing to match the brand-new MoistureShield deck (shown in the after image on the right). This allowed the homeowner to have the size deck they wanted, and both portions of the new deck looked good together.

2007 deck winner - BEFORE 2007 deck contest winner's deck AFTER

Composite materials are an ideal solution for accessibility ramps because of their resistance to warping, cracking, splitting, and other problems common with wood. Below is a handicap ramp Breyer Construction provided in conjunction with Calvary Bible Fellowship Church to a local family as a community service project in early 2010.

Handicap ramp built using composite materials

Breyer Construction is also proud to participate in community service projects such as: